Max and Paul don't spare energy to protect the books we publish. On every back cover you'll find a portrait of one of them close to the barcode. Sometimes a guest-cat takes their place, but this cannot be done without their consent and it takes a major effort to convince them.
Our guest cats:
Gandalf, 8 years old, lives in Berlin, is present on Oh Happy Place!
Nuvolina, 14 years old, lives in Rome, is present on Villa Adriana entro cielo y tierra.
Mojo, 4 years old, lives in Berlin, is present on Kolosseum. Die Geschichte eines Gladiators.
Piratinella, 2 years old, lives in a Russian house in Berlin, is present on Колизей. История одного гладиатора.
Haiku-Tama aka Puuuutz, 7 months old, lives in Berlin, is present on In dulci jubilo.
Basho aka Katzenmensch, 5 months old, is candidate for our next publication.
about us
The Italian company Apeiron Editori (Publishers) was founded in 1990 in Sant’Oreste, the small Italian village half way up to the top of the Mount Soract (691 m.), made known to the world by the poet Horatius with these famous lines: “Vides ut alta stet nive candidum / Soracte nec iam sustineant onus”. ('See, how it stands, one pile of snow,
Soracte! 'neath the pressure yield'.)
We publish books on history, sociology and philosophy. Our history titels cover at the one hand works art history, on the other history of the ancient Roman world and monographs on modern history, including literary history and biography. Our catalogue is developed, according to the Italian publishing tradition, in a small number of series which you'll find on the website.
Of some of our books we produce editions in other languages than Italian.
The two originally Dutch founders - Gerrit Van Oord en Maria Korporal - may count on a network of loyal Italian editors and translators. And all of us are being guarded attentively by our two company cats Max and Paul.

You may want to contact us:
Apeiron Editori snc
Località Pantano
00060 Sant'Oreste RM
tel. 331 43 59 737